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The Informer blog provides a platform for academics, policymakers and practitioners to discuss their work and research on organised crime.

It is a collaboration of the Standing Group on Organised Crime (SGOC), one of the standing groups of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR). The editorial board includes representatives from the University of Bath, Oxford University, the Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of Sao Paolo, Sofia University and Flinders University.

22 September, 2016

Diorella Islas

The conference is focused on ‘Crime and Crime Control: Structures, Developments and Actors’, aiming to bring together criminology experts in order to exchange knowledge and perspectives. Participants...
30 August, 2016

Diorella Islas

In July 2016, the UNODC and the governments of Peru, Bolivia and Colombia published three separate national reports on the cultivation of coca leaves. For the first two countries the reports show a...
2 August, 2016

Lynne Owens

I am delighted to have been invited to launch the Strategic Hub for Organised Crime Research website. Serious and organised crime includes child sexual exploitation and abuse, cybercrime, economic...
19 July, 2016

Sasha Jesperson

Irregular migration, a concept that encompasses a wide range of activities, including people smuggling and human trafficking, has become big business for organised crime networks. The UN estimates...
30 June, 2016

Sasha Jesperson

The Strategic Hub on Organised Crime Research seeks to promote research underway by academics, practitioners and policy makers on a wide range of organised crime issues. This inaugural issue of the...
20 June, 2016

Diorella Islas

The 22nd meeting of the Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force was held at the SELEC Headquarters in Bucharest, during 14-15 of June 2016. In the constant effort to strengthen the regional cooperation, the...
9 July, 2017

Cathy Haenlein

Organised crime, rather than terrorism, is the greatest threat to elephants and other species in East Africa. Our primary focus should be on the organised crime groups and corrupt actors known to...
19 August, 2017

Inês Sofia de Oliveira

International anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism finance (AML/CTF) standards are largely governed by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). FATF’s strength rests on its ability to...
15 July, 2017

Clare Ellis

The National Strategic Assessment of Serious and Organised crime highlights the growing significance of technology in driving criminal innovation; however, as many police forces struggle to adapt to...